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1. customers to submit information on the company name, registered capital, business scope of the issued share capital and share percentage of the shareholders and directors of the Directors Chairman
2. company name search company will be presented by the customer company name search, usually within 30 minutes back
3. Registration Company signed a contract agreement, Business Secretary agreementhong kong business registration, power of attorney registered company
4. to pay the prepayment fee pay 50% for expenses. (If more than 1 million registered capital, the Government's 1 / 1000 to be a one-time payment of stamp duty)
5. To sign government documents to arrange for all shareholders and directors of legal documents signed by the Government
6. Government processing time required by the Government for approval 10 working days
7. produce green box the box installation company documents
company registration is completed you get the company registered in Hong Kong File:
1, Registry: 1 original certificate of incorporation
2, Inland Revenue Department: Business Registration Certificate 1 original;
3, application of statutory documents (NC1) 1 original < br /> 4, beautiful green box 1;
5, the stock of this one;
6, Events Green Book 1;
7, th