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I've been taking agencycompany setup in hong kong, and now I heard the name of an offshore company will export a lot easier. Good receipt, better tax rebates. Do not know the good thing is not trueCompanies Registry Hong Kong, ask about prawns are, how to operate, can I talk about it? ? ? Thank you friends

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not easy to make a listCompany Formation Hong Kong, develop a customer is not easy. Now that the economy so depressedhk company formation, please lend a helping hand to help look novice. haha.

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Oh , that was it ah. Say that the use of offshore companies is not very big ah.
I just do the silver in a pass, first with the right to receive foreign currency. Seems to pass by the Bank can only do a pay exported.
there, listening to the bank staff said that a pass can receive a maximum of 5,000 dollars, is not it?
offshore company is an offshore company, import and export rights in China does not say there will be no refundhong kong business registration, but you can find the agent of the domestic export tax rebates to help you operate, specifically offshore contract with mainland companies, offshore with foreign contractcompany incorporation hong kong, so that foreign direct remittance to the offshore account, offshore company account and then transfer to the mainland, and mainland China can successfully write-off payment is received, a tax rebate. In fact, operation is not difficult, just replace the bill of lading may be involved in the rise of the middle of the problem.
Oh, now I know almost offshore companies, and there is no great need to
offshore company can not replace the foreign trade agency, the two different purposes. The company did not engage in offs